Make Holiday Birthdays Special

A child's birthday that lands between Thanksgiving and New Year's has many other events to compete with, so make sure your little one's celebration stands out!

These are a few key suggestions and you can learn more at

Pick a non-holiday theme

It might be tempting to have a snowman theme for your child's party -- after all, there's plenty of winter wonderland decor to choose from in the stores. But it's important to keep the party theme centered on what your child likes. In fact, it might be even more exciting to go with something completely opposite of the season. For example, our Hospital Tent theme if your daughter loves to play doctor, or a Fire Station Tent if your child love to dress up and play a hero.

“We love to match up our tents with kid's favorite TV characters or shows, our Hospital Tent has played a fun birthday role at a Doc McStuffins party.”

 Play Doctor in our Hospital Themed Tent, full of tools and fun doctor dress up gear. 

Play Doctor in our Hospital Themed Tent, full of tools and fun doctor dress up gear. 


Postpone the party

There's no shortage of parties during the holiday season, so it can be easy for your child's birthday celebration to get lost in the flurry of invites. That's why many parents choose to commemorate the "half-mark" of their child's birthday and postpone their big celebration after the new year.

Skip the holiday menu

No turkey leftovers! If the birthday lands on the actual holiday, make your birthday boy a special breakfast that morning to make up for the fact that he's forced to have turkey (or any other holiday-style fare) for his birthday dinner. And of course, always have a birthday cake on hand -- no pumpkin pie with a candle stuck in it.

Don't do combo gifts

Sure, it's easy for family and friends to give a "two-for-one" gift to your child, but it can leave the birthday boy or girl feeling a bit slighted. Spread the word to everyone that you'd like them to give your child two separate gifts -- one for the birthday and one for the holiday. Skip putting any birthday gifts under the tree. And if your child's birthday happens to fall directly on a gift-giving holiday, carve out some special time when only she will be opening presents. Don't have him do it when everyone else is ripping open their boxes.

Make it all about the birthday boy or girl

It's the one day a year that it can really be all about them, so be sure to make your birthday boy or girl stands out on his or her special day. You can create unique birthday experiences with our themed party tent rentals, so visit our website and let your imagination run with how our tents can play a part in your birthday party plans. 

Fire Station Tent

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