Play time has always been about discovery, imagination and exploration. These days, starting at a young age, we live in a over-structured environment. Without the necessary freedom to explore and play, children may lose interpersonal, social and emotional coping skills. It’s not always about the goals, but about the process. Children need to develop their own interests, to follow their own inspiration and give us their own ideas. 

A study from the Alliance for Childhood shows extreme aggressive behavior in children is exhibited today more than ever before. The research illuminates three universal truths. Childhood play is crucial for social, emotional and cognitive development. Imaginative free play – as opposed to games and structured activities – is the most essential kind of childhood play. And kids who do not play when they are young grow into anxious, socially maladjusted adults.

These studies also reveal that classic play materials like blocks, water tables, and props for dramatic play have largely disappeared. This movement violates the long-established principles of child development and good teaching. The Alliance for Childhood calls for the restoration of “child-initiated play and experiential learning.”

Pop Up Party Town Tents were created based on this same conclusion, to initiate playtime. Early this summer, New Orleans native Lyn Anderson was in Florida at a children's birthday party and saw the play tents for the first time. Anderson expressed her enthusiasm about the tents which were developed by a local architect who rented them out. The adorable design and construction of tents where perfect, but more important, the kids loved the tents. Anderson watched them play and engage with each themed tent. It took her only moments to inquire more and low and behold, she bought the owning rights to bring the tents concept back home to South Louisiana, launching Pop Up Party Town Tents in New Orleans.

Inspiring creative playtime is one of the key drivers for Pop Up Party Town Tents. It’s also key that kids have frequent chances to play outdoors, where these tents are set up most of the time, in a backyard or neighborhood park. 

Don’t let the magic moments in your child's young years move to fast. Play dress up, build that fort, and dive into that world of imagination. This allows preschoolers to learn problem-solving and the all-important skill of learning how to share. Self-control is a tough skill to learn and pretend play helps kids practice it as well as play out the frustration it creates.

So how can you, as a parent, help encourage imaginative play? Call Pop Up Party Town Tents for your next child's party or family event.  Let’s make sure our children learn to laugh, share and discover.