Cooler breezes are coming, as we soon indulge in Fall like weather. Summer is over and school is in full session, but now it’s time to take over those weekends with outside activities. New Orleans is one of the greatest places to enjoy the Fall with children. From neighborhood festivities, too park outings, but don’t neglect your own backyard. 

Outdoor play doesn’t have to be a big deal, particularly if you have an outdoor space at your home. Put down those mobile devices and game controllers, push those kiddies out the door and watch them go. It’s also important for parents to be there and participate as much as we can, especially to keep them safe from outdoor hazards.

Many younger children love to ‘help’. This means that outdoor play can include working with your child on everyday tasks, such as weeding, sweeping the driveway, watering the plants and more. It’s wonderful to see how children light up when they can help you. Those small moments of time with your children are the most important and sometime the only uninterrupted segments of our busy days, so it’s important to discover those moments. 

30-minute blocks of uninterrupted one-on-one time, where you as a parent are giving your undivided attention to your child, can be one of the most beneficial and valuable things you can provide for your child, said Kathy Eugester, Certified Play Therapist.  Giving your full attention and letting them lead is that special playtime.

Creating playtime is the mission behind Pop Up Party Town Tents. Designed and themed to discover those moments of imagination, and creativity. Our tents deliver inspiration for educational play time but don’t forget, however they are small in statue, we encourage parents to take part. Your kids will love to have you participate in their special playtime. 

So don’t plan your next party or event inside. Find that perfect patch of grass in your yard and have Pop Up Party Town deliver our themed tents for your creative playtime this Fall.