Pop Up Party Town Tents are a great value!

Comparing inflatables and bounce houses to our tents is like comparing apples to oranges. Bounce houses might be fun for a while, but are not always age appropriate and can end up costing more than you think. Adding in surface fees, delivery fees, location fees, and extended hour fees can really inflate the cost. 

Pop Up Party Town tents are simple and easy. No extra fees and no hassle.

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The Basic Package $425 - 2 tents - All Day $144.99 - 1 bounce house - 5 hours $230 - 1 bounce house and extras -
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A deposit of 60%  is required when booking a reservation.

If weather conditions occur and prohibit our services a refund will be issued or another date can be arranged.

Our tents can also be set up indoors if need or under a carport. 

For more information or questions, call (504) 952-8828 to reserve our tents today!

If you are interested in renting our complete town, which includes all 6 of our tents, please call to reserve. 

Additional Services

Need a photographer? Ask us about our additional party and event services. We can cover your party for one hour and provide you with event photography and video for $150. 

Special Events & corporate Parties

Pop Up Party Town can bring entertainment to your young audience at your next special event or business party.